Our Terms of Service

Ordering A Product

Pre-You (18 Thomas Telford Rd, Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, DG13 0AP) intend to supply you with the results of genealogical investigations in the form of either electronic PDF documents or printed family tree charts and books. Local family history research results will be supplied in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

The Products

The main characteristics of the products are outlined on our website at http://wdiscovermyfamilytree.co.uk. Your submitted order indicates that you have reviewed and satisfied yourself in respect of the characteristics of each Product. We offer a personalised service so it is impossible to predict precisely what the outcome will be – every investigation is unique. However, a typical search, for example, should result in a factual report, outlining all details from Statutory certificates, census returns and parish registers. We would intend to trace a line back to the 1840s period (or earlier) within the allocated time. We cannot guarantee that we will find every ancestor – factors such as illegitimacy, particular parish, or individuals with similar names and dates that make it impossible to identify the correct individual. We will explore all scenarios to try and find as many ancestors as possible.


Fees are packaged into four categories to reflect the amount of research time involved and the customer’s end product:
• Discovery Report: from £70 GBP (includes a PDF report of direct ancestor lines)
• Endeavour Package: £340 GBP (One Surname: includes a printed family tree chart, preservation tube, printed report within a presentation folder, flash drive with personal family tree GEDCOM file)
• Resolution Package: £575 GBP (Two Surnames: includes a printed family tree chart, preservation tube, printed report within a presentation folder, flash drive with personal family tree GEDCOM file)
• Adventure Package: Priced individually per customer’s requirements.
• Local Family History: £7 GBP per half hour (minimum charge) Additional time charged accordingly.

The above fees include package and posting costs to UK addresses. Overseas addresses are subject to additional shipping costs only.

Copies of birth, death and marriage certificates are not included – we often use this information from transcribed sources. Copies can be obtained at an additional price of £1.50 (Scotland) £7.00 (England & Wales) per copy.

Payment Terms

• When we have agreed your purchase, we will send you payment details.
• Contact us for a quotation if you require a specialist service or tailored package. We will email you details of prices and payment methods.
• Payment may also be made by Bank transfer – contact Pre-You for details and instructions.
• Full payment is due in advance to secure your booking, with the exception of: Endeavour and Resolution packages where 50% of the fee is charged in advance: the remainder will be invoiced upon completion and ready to deliver to the customer. Any additional charges to fees as advertised will be agreed with the customer prior to carrying out the work. Fees for local history research shall be agreed in advance with the customer including payment terms e.g. percentage split in advance or on completion.


We undertake to complete your order within 28 days (or sooner). This is fully dependent on demand. Once you order a product, we will contact you via email within 24 hours to confirm a booking date and timescale.

Remedies & Liabilities

Nothing in this Agreement will affect your legal rights as a consumer. In the event that you are not satisfied with the product we will endeavour to rectify the situation accordingly. If a typing error has occurred in a report, we will correct this free of charge if this error was made by us. Family tree charts will be proofed by the customer for accuracy of information (supplied by them) before going to print. After that point, if a chart requires re-printing, an additional printing fee will be charged. We offer a highly personalised service, so any dissatisfaction will be dealt with immediately. We offer a full refund if we cannot discover any of your ancestors (sometimes we are unable to find a family – it happens). If our search only yields a small number of ancestors, we reserve the right to reduce our fee to reflect a reduced result. We would expect to discover at least 50% of your ancestors to justify our fees e.g. a search of direct ancestors should yield 30 ancestors, we would therefore expect to find a minimum of 15 of them.

Customer Service

Telephone lines open 9am-5pm Monday – Friday. (+44 7843 123 238)
Email: christine@discovermyfamilytree.co.uk

Handling Complaints

We endeavour to respond to any complaints within five working days.

Online Security

We use a PGP encryption system and 128-bit SSl secure socket layer technology on our secure servers.

Privacy Policy

All information collected by Pre-You about the consumer is collected lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. If you do not wish to receive any further marketing material from Pre-You, contact us via email – christine@discovermyfamilytree.co.uk. We do not share customer information to any third parties without their express permission. We only reserve the right to use customer products for marketing purposes with permission by the customer. All personal information contained within a customer’s product will be protected if used for marketing purposes.
what information is collected?
Customer information (name and contact information) provided at the time of ordering. This information will only be used for purpose of processing the order. Family details provided by the customer (names, dates of birth, death etc) will only be used for the purpose of processing the order. All information will be deleted from our files after 6 months have elapsed on completion of the product. We will not share this information with any third party unless you consent to do so and only for the express benefit of carrying out our research.

Read our full privacy policy

Cancellation statement

The customer reserves the right to cancel their order within 7 days of ordering, and any monies received will be returned within 30 days of cancellation.
Pre-You aims to trace your ancestry as far back as the 1840 UK Census records, but further if Parish records are available.
• We only search for deceased relatives that are recorded in the public domain. In the United Kingdom, 100 years must elapse before Census information becomes available. Current Census records available include 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911, 1939 (England and Wales register)
• UK Statutory Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates (Post-1855)
• Old Parish Registers (Pre-1855)
• In certain circumstances we may consult UK and Ireland obituaries, UK military records, Immigration records, US census and military records, Canada census records, newspaper reports and many other internet subscription sources in order to verify our research.


Digital products: such as the discovery report in PDF format is non-refundable. Refunds can only be given in the following circumstances –
• A technical issue arose and we can see that the content was never received by the buyer.
• The transaction was not genuine and a result of card fraud
• There was a duplicate order or payment

Physical products: Charts and books are non-refundable unless in the following circumstances –
• The product or item is faulty. This does not include information within the product (proofed by the customer before going to print)
• The product is a result of a fraudulent transaction
• There was a duplicate order or payment.

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